La Jolla 2010



A discussion about animal consciousness.

David Edelman, PhD, Associate Fellow in Experimental Neurobiology, The Neurosciences Institute, who recently has worked with octopuses at the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn in Naples, ITALY.






A discussion about human perception of the world, time, music, language and the brain.

John Iversen, PhD, Research Fellow in Theoretical Neurobiology, Karp Foundation Fellow, The Neurosciences Institute, worked with ‘Snowball’ a cockatoo who danced own rhythm to music.







A discussion about visual illusions and the perception of brightness, shape, and motion

Stuart Anstis, PhD, is a professor of psychology at University of California, San Diego, whose research has been on visual and hearing perception, and also muscle control during jogging.







A discussion about the concept of ‘time’, what time is, the relationship of time with the universe, and the question ‘does time exist?’.

Craig Callender, PhD, the author of ‘Introducing Time’ and a professor of philosophy of physics; philosophy of science; metaphysics; philosophy of time at UCSD.



A discussion about memory, fMRI brain imaging technology, and how much we can know about the brain from new technology.

James Brewer, MD, PhD, Director of the Human Memory Laboratory, and a faculty member of the Neurosciences Graduate Program, UCSD. He is a ward-attending physician at the UCSD and VA Medical Centers





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