July Salons

Reservations required for all salons.

Spaces for some salons are limited and reservations will be
accepted in order of receipt. If you cannot honor
a reservation please call to cancel.

(chair) = please bring small folding chair
that has padded tips on chair legs.



1st Friday 7PM The Salon (chair)
Who Wants Your Genetic Information?

Gary Marchant, PhD, a professor of law and director of the Center for Law, Science and Innovation, ASU,
will discuss who wants your genetic information, and why?



6th Wednesday 7PM The Salon
Conversation with Paul Bender

Paul Bender, former US Deputy Solicitor General and former ASU Law Dean, will discuss current issues and cases of the US Supreme Court.



7th Thursday 7PM The Salon (chair)
The Ticking IT Bom

A conversation with Rick Greenwald, a research director at Gartner, the leading IT analyst firm in the world, who covers data management issues and strategies, about how the misunderstanding of technology by management is lighting the fuse on a ticking time bomb.



9th Saturday 10AM The Salon
Journey and Memory:
An Exhibition

On a Saturday morning, artists sculptor Patricia Sannit and painter Christopher Jagmin will discuss their exhibition ‘Journey and Memory: Past the Rock, The Sun Gates and The Land of Dreams’ at the Mesa Art Museum.





11th Monday 7PM The Salon
The Zika Virus

Alexander Green, PhD, a professor at The Biodesign Center for Molecular Design and Biomimetrics, will discuss the Zika Virus and his research on developing molecular tools to detect the disease.


12th Tuesday 7PM The Salon
The Golden Age of Television

Movie writer Bill Goodykoontz, chief film critic of Gannett Newspapers, including USA Today and The Arizona Republic, will join movie / media writer Bill Wyman for a discussion about the rise of television in our culture today.




14th Thursday 7PM The Salon (chair)
Music with Olivia and Friends

Olivia Hope will perform piano and be joined by her musical friends (including piano, flute, violin) for a collection of individual musical performances of classical compositions by Brahms, Dvorak, Mozart, Gaubert, Schubert, Doppler, Gary Schocker, Tchaikovsky, and Griffes.


19th Tuesday 7PM The Salon (chair)
Mary Jo Pitzl on Politics

Mary Jo Pitzl, a political writer for The Arizona Republic, will discuss current issues of Arizona and national politics.



22nd Friday 7PM The Salon (chair)
The Role of Culture
in Suffering and Threat

Daniel Sullivan, PhD, a professor of social psychology at University of Arizona, and author of ‘Cultural-Existential Psychology’ will discuss culture’s role in shaping psychology of threat experience, examining the relationship of religion, community, guilt, anxiety, and natural disaster.



29th Friday 7PM The Salon (chair)
How Physics Makes Us Free

Jenann Ismael, PhD, a professor of philosphy at University of Arizona, and member of the Foundational Questions Institute, who has published on the implications of physics on issues of freedom, death, the nature of the self, and the problem of free will, will discuss her new book ‘How Physics Makes Us Free’.




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