March Salons

Reservations required for all salons.

Spaces for some salons are limited and reservations will be
accepted in order of receipt. If you cannot honor
a reservation please call to cancel.

(chair) = please bring small folding chair
that has padded tips on chair legs.



2nd Monday 7PM The Salon
American Sniper

Peter Lehman, PhD, director, Center for Film, Media and Popular Culture at ASU, will give an introduction and lead a conversation about the film ‘American Sniper’ directed by Clint Eastwood. Members are requested to see the film prior to the salon.


6th Friday 7PM The Salon
The Next 100 Years in Physics

Frank Wilczek, PhD, a Nobel Laureate, Herman Feshbach Professor of Physics, MIT, and a visiting professor at Origins, ASU, asks “What will the next 100 years in physics be like?  I don’t know, of course, but it’s fun to think about.  I will discuss the ideas and technologies that look to me the especially exciting and promising.”


11th Wednesday 7PM The Salon (chair)
The Art and Practice of Trust

Victoria Crawford, who is a professional certified lifestyle coach, yoga instructor, founder of Way of Discovery Coaching and Consulting, and author of ‘The Art and Practice of Trust’ will discuss her ideas on trust and positive change.


12th Thursday 6:30PM The Salon
The Business of Running the Courts

Maricopa County is the 4th largest trial court in the Country, and considered nationally as one of the finest trial courts. Colin Campbell has assembled a panel of former and current presiding judges who will describe the business of running the Courts, from finding interpreters, lobbying for budgets, finding best practices, human resources, resolving competing governing bodies and implementing case management practices and more.


13th Friday 7PM The Salon (chair)
Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Mark Lussier, PhD, chair of ASU English Dept., will explore Mary Shelley’s classic novel ‘Frankenstein’ and the novel’s long shadows on literature and film.


18th Wednesday 12:30PM The Salon
Corn Dog Day at State Capitol

Mary Jo Pitzl, political writer for The Arizona Republic,
will lead members on a visit to the Arizona State Capitol on ‘Corn Dog Day’.


21st Saturday 6PM The Salon
Jazz Piano of Michael Collins

After a sunset social, composer, arranger, and jazz pianist Michael Collins will perform original and classic jazz music for piano.


26th Thursday 7:15PM The Salon
The World of Gut Bacteria and Health

Christy Appel Lespron, PhD, RD, of the nutrition faculty at ASU, will discuss the world of gut bacteria and health.


30th Monday 7PM The Salon (chair)
Why Should We Care?

Sander van der Leeuw, PhD, the 2012 United Nations Champion of the Earth for Science and Innovation, and a Foundation Professor at ASU School of Sustainability, will explore the question “why should we care?”


31st Tuesday 7PM The Salon
The Psychology of Sleep and Dreaming

Lynda Mae, PhD, a lecturer of psychology at ASU, will discuss the psychology of sleep and dreaming.



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