November Salons

Reservations required for all salons.

Spaces for some salons are limited and reservations will be
accepted in order of receipt. If you cannot honor
a reservation please call to cancel.

(chair) = please bring small folding chair
that has padded tips on chair legs.



1st Saturday 11AM The Salon
Bill Tonnesen Remodel

Tour Bill’s latest innovative residential remodel in Tempe.


6th Thursday 7pm The Salon
Saving The Grand Canyon

Theodore Roosevelt said: "In the Grand Canyon, Arizona has a natural wonder which is in kind absolutely unparalleled throughout the rest of the world."
Sandy Bahr, director of the Grand Canyon Chapter of the Sierra Club, will discuss regarding Grand Canyon, a plethora of issues to consider, including the uranium mines around Grand Canyon, the Tusayan and Escalade developments, the operation of Glen Canyon Dam, forest management issues and more.


7th Friday 7PM The Salon
Taste: The Missing Nutrient

Chef Michele Redmond, MS, RD, faculty associate at ASU and founder of The Taste Workshop, who teaches healthy cuisine and taste appreciation, will discuss how the nutrient-based eating model promoted by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans misses an important motivator for healthy eating. The salon will include interactive tastings.


11th Tuesday 4PM The Salon (chair)
The Election

Outside on a patio in the late afternoon, Bruce Merrill, PhD, a nationally known public opinion expert, and Senior Research Fellow at The Morrison Institute, ASU, will discuss the results of The Election.


12th Wednesday 7PM The Salon (chair)
Built Magic in Paris and Elsewhere

Thomas Hartman, a professor of architecture at the Herberger Institute, ASU, who worked for eight years as a collaborator in the Paris office of the Italian architect Renzo Piano, will discuss the ‘poetic’ in architecture in Paris and elsewhere.


14th Friday 7PM The Salon (chair)
Montpelier Tomorrow and Other Writings
of Marylee MacDonald

Marylee MacDonald, author of short stories and novels, that are made up but partly true, will discuss her writings including her emotional new novel ‘Montpelier Tomorrow’ about family relationships dealing with disease and disability. Marylee is currently writing ‘The Vermillion Sea’ about a young artist who goes to Baja California in 1769.


17th Monday 7PM The Salon (chair)
Conversation with Jim Ballinger

Phoenix Art Museum Director, Jim Ballinger, who has been with the Museum for forty years and is retiring in the New Year, will discuss his thoughts and reflections about The Phoenix Art Museum and art in Phoenix.


19th Wednesday 7PM The Salon (chair)

Stephen MacKinnon, PhD, a professor emeritus of History at ASU, who has lived frequently in China, will discuss current political and cultural issues in China.

21st Friday 7PM The Salon (chair)

Enrico Minardi, PhD, a native of Tuscany and lecturer at the ASU School of International Letters and Cultures, along with Leonard Kawecki, PhD, whose family is from Venice, will discuss thoughts, culture, and life in Venice.


22nd Saturday 7PM The Salon (chair)
Madame Bovary

Frederic Canovas, PhD, a native of Lyon and professor of French literature and culture and director of French Graduate Studies, at the School of International Letters and Cultures, ASU will have a conversation with members about their questions on Gustave Flaubert’s classic literary masterpiece Madame Bovary.


24th Monday 7PM The Salon
The Moon

Phil Christensen, PhD, a Regents Professor and the Ed and Helen Korrick Professor in the School of Earth and Space Exploration, ASU, whose research focuses on the composition, processes and physical properties of planetary surfaces, will discuss the Earth’s moon.


25th Tuesday 7PM The Salon (chair)
Alan Turing and The Imitation Game

Bernard Kobes, PhD, a professor of Philosophy at ASU and some of his students will discuss Alan Turing, his ideas, and his legacy to our technological civilization. A new movie about Alan Turing named ‘The Imitation Game’, that will be released November 21st, will be mentioned in the discussion.

Bernie Kobes will discuss Alan Turing’s invention of the concept of a general purpose programmable computer in the 1930s.  Elisabeth Cannon will talk about the movie and about Alan Turing’s contribution to the World War II code-breaking effort. Spencer Elliott will talk about Alan Turing’s famous imitation game, his 1950 article “Computing Machinery and Intelligence”, and subsequent efforts to get computers to play the imitation game successfully. Jenna Smith will talk about ethical aspects of Turing’s legacy. Derek Loche will discuss the future of artificial intelligence as fulfilling, or perhaps not fulfilling, Alan Turing’s prophetic legacy.



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