"Once upon a time Central Park was filled with Gates."





Architectural Historian, Matthew Postal, and Urban Park Ranger, Gary Rozeman, gave the members a tour of The Gates and told us stories of the park and the Gates installation.



We had a very special breakfast at Almondine in DUMBO
and met chef, Herve Poussot for a tour of the bakery.




It was very cold in Brooklyn, so huddling was the order of the day! Great views!


Tom Otterness, whose large sculptures are installed along Broadway, welcomed us to his studio for a tour and conversation on his work.



On the way to Columbia University we passed many of Tom Otterness' sculptures along Broadway.



We were mezmerized by artist, Ena Swansea and her wonderful paintings. She treated us to cappucinos and great conversation.



We met with Jerry Saltz, senior art critic for the Village Voice and had a lively conversation on art criticism, how to look at art and how he looks at art and decides what to write about. Jeanne Greenberg hosted us at her upper East side townhouse and gallery, Salon 94 .




Our members found new ways to appreciate art after our conversation with Jerry Saltz.


We met Columbia University Art History Professor, James Beck for a round table discussion on art. Professor Beck is founder of Art Watch International, a movement to protect art and give art a voice.



We were thrilled to experience a second snowfall on the Gates.


Ron Warren, the director of Mary Boone Gallery, talked with us about Marc Quinn's new show.



One last look at the Gates from inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


As we were leaving New York City, The Gates and all our new friends, we knew we would be back soon.



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