Autumn in New York 2006




"Sky Mirror"

Anish Kapoor, 2006, Rockefeller Center, NYC


We began our trip at MoMA.


Jim Coddington, the director of the Conservation Laboratory at MoMA discussed a range of conservation issues regarding maintenance and restoration of the collection at MoMA.



Warhol, Whiteread, from the collection at MoMA.



We checked out the new Apple store on Fifth Avenue.


We narrowed our list of galleries to 40 and covered nearly all of them!





We met Randall White, professor of anthropology at NYU, who directs a team at Abri Castanet, a 35,000 year-old art and ornament rich site in Southwest France. He is the author of "Prehistoric Art: The Symbolic Journey of Humankind."

Randall White


We met artist Philip Pearlstein at his studio and home.

We met artist Will Cotton at his studio and home

Will Cotton



We visited with Joseph LeDoux, PhD, to discuss the biology of the brain and emotions and concept of self. Joseph LeDoux is a Henry and Lucy Moses Professor of Science at the Center for Neural Science at NYU and is the director of the Center for Neuroscience of Fear and Anxiety. He is author of "Synaptic Self: How Our Brains Become Who We Are."

Joseph LeDoux


Leslie Prouty, Senior Vice President, Contemporary Art at Sotheby's discussed the currrent contemporary art market and the evaluation of contemporary art.


Some of us checked out the American Museum of Natural History and attended a lively discussion by David Rockwell on his new book.


As always, one last cappucino and a look at Central Park before we left New York City.
We made a lot of new friends and we knew we would be back soon.




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