Performances and Conversations on Arts, Science and Culture
that take place in the Virtual World, Second Life.


Recent Second Life Salons

A Conversation with artist Gracie Kendal on her project,

My Life as an Avatar


A Conversation with artist Douglas Story on his new installation,

Ripple, a Meditation on Waves

Douglas Story is the Second Life avatar controlled by the Real Life persona of Dennis Schaefer. Douglas and his work partner Desdemona Enfield create large-scale interactive art installations in SL.



TOTEMPOETRY READING with Eden Haiku and Ulrich Lionheart
at Bleu Studio

Eden Haiku's Real Life avatar was born in the Montreal area. She is a poet and
novelist and gives poetry readings in Quebec as well as in France, Mexico and,
recently, India.

Ulrich Lionheart is a french canadian avatar. He is a poet and a graphic artist.


A conversation with Jason Springarn-Koff/Jay Spire in SL
on his new film "Life 2.0" which premiered at
the recent Sundance Film Festival.

Jason Spingarn-Koff (Director, Producer, and Editor) is a New York-based documentary filmmaker who specializes in science and technology.


A Conversation with Tom Boellstorff/Tom Bukowski

An Anthropologist Explores the Virtually Human




A Conversation with artist Selavy Oh

State of Formation
On dispaly at the IBM Exhibition Space


Second Life Salon

A Conversation with architect/artist DB Bailey/David Denton

The firm of David Denton, AIA, Architect provides professional design services in the fields of Architecture, Urban Planning and Exhibition Design. David Denton has experiences in a wide range of project types and sizes as well as all phases of Architecture, Urban Planning, Exhibition Design and Virtual Design. This experience includes a variety of client entities such as corporations, developers, individuals and governmental agencies.


A Conversation with artists Desdemona Enfield and Douglas Story

A Second Life resident since 2005, Desdemona Enfield continues to study the Zen of Scripting and to refine her scripting methodologies. She works with artists to create special effects for their exhibits and with science researchers to create visualizations of their theories and experimental data. Douglas Story is the Second Life avatar controlled by the Real Life persona of Dennis Schaefer. Douglas and his work partner Desdemona Enfield create large-scale interactive art installations in SL. These include the DynaFleur project in collaboration with composer Dizzy Banjo, as well as the FlowerBall with musician AldoManutio Abruzzo, which was judged one of 2007's Top Ten Art Installations by the New World Notes blog. The pair has also done collaborations with noted RL and SL architect David Denton/DB Bailey, adding sound design and interactive elements to DB's structures. Douglas/Dennis photographs flowers at very close range in and around Los Angeles.


Spirit of the Senses was invited to be a presenter at
The Southwest Arts Conference on CyberSWAC
Presented by the Arizona Commission on the Arts

Some members shown here during the presentation by
Smithsonian Latino Virtual Museum in Second Life


A Conversation with KK Jewel

Kirsten Kiser, editor-in-chief of Arcspace, one of the web's top architecture sites will speak with us at her SL office. Kirsten is also a leading proponent of Second Life as a platform for architects and artists, and is known in-world as KK Jewell.


Second Life Japan

The members of the Kira Institute's Japan Team toured the Japan Sims of Second Life.



A Visit with AM Radio

AM Radio is an artist who uses Second Life to build interactive installations. He builds on plots of land, sims in Second Life, and creates narratives. We talked with him about his work in SL and his new project. Proceeds from the sale of AM Radio's Second Life art go to Heifer International, ending hunger, caring for the Earth.


A Conversation with Eureka Dejavu

CEO and Creative Director of Dancing Ink Productions LLC, Senior Fellow at the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs. She seeks to foster the evolution of a new global culture and economy in the Imagination Age.

Together with Joshua S. Fouts, Senior Fellow Rita J. King is responsible for the "Understanding Islam Through Virtual Worlds" project at the Carnegie Council. The project explores how virtual worlds can be used to enable nuanced understanding between and around Islamic culture.


Jan Northoff is one of the founders of newBERLIN,
a true to scale interpretation of the german capital in Second Life.


Second Life Artist, Thoth Jantzen,l discussed his Second Life art and toured his newest art installation 'Cosmosis'. Thoth, the inventor of the "Kaleidoscopium", seeks to create immersive environments through visual- and music-based experiences.




Conversation with Seimi Norregaard, SL artist from Denmark


Conversation with Antonia Low, SL artist from Germany


A conversation with Adam Frank, Professor of Astrophysics at the University of Rochester, on his new book, "The Constant Fire, Beyond the Science vs. Religion Debate." Hosted by Kira Cafe.


TH Ordinary and Bleu Oleander

machinima by Bleu Oleander

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